Maine Reminiscing

Janet Hargus is interviewed by her 5 grandchildren about her childhood memories growing up in Maine.

Interview with my mom :)

My mom and I talked about her and my dads marriage and how they met. She has lots of awesome stories to tell and she has experienced a lot. We also talked about how she raised me and my brothers....

The San Francisco Love Story

Marian Howard(86) talks with her granddaughter, Nina Howard(15) about her marraige and relationship with Bill Howard. She shares the story of their union, the importance of their marriage, and a lesson for the youth.

Roo’s Ramblings

Kenly Brand (14) interviews her mom Rhonda Brand (46)on her family history and childhood experiences.

Interview with my grandfather about how he met my grandmother
November 24, 2022 App Interview

I asked my Grandpa, Dave Chittim, about how he and my grandmother, Linda Henninger, met.

Emily Wool and Timothy Wool

Spouses, Emily Wool (32) and Timothy Wool (33), reminisce on their many memories at Innisfree Village in Crozet, Virginia, including their first date, moving to the village, and favorite landmarks.

How Ralphie met Tom

The meeting of Ralphie Ortez with Tom Lutrey and their 64 yrs and 10 days together