9/11 Reflections with my Dad

I interviewed my dad about his recollection of 9/11 and how it has impacted his life and the lives around him.

Oral History

Interview with dad about his experience as an immigrant in America in the early 2000.

The American Dream ft. Marvin Goldman

An interview with my grandfather about the american dream and his opinions on it.

“I am as American as I am Pakistani”

On November 29th, 2020, Rehmat Arbab, age 16, interviewed her Pakistani immigrant mother on her experiences growing up in America. She mentions her life moving from Pakistan, to Florida, and then to New Jersey. She also reminisces stories of her...

Coming to America was very hard

We talked about how different everything was when Yugoslavia collapsed. Our families life in America and all the hardships we went through was explained in detail. We also talked about my mom met my dad and the crazy things they...

Aurelina and Erica’s Great Listen Interview

In this interview, I, Aurelina, have a conversation with my sister, Erica, about her experiences when she was my age. We cross upon her transition from the Dominican Republic to America, middle school, high school, and significant teachers in her...

Interview Project

In this interview, we discuss the feelings of my mother while she first lived in America.

"It was a culture shock when I came to America"

Shauw Chin Capps (48) talks with her daughter, Lydia Capps (16) about her experience when she immigrated from Singapore to the United States for college.