"It was a culture shock when I came to America"

Shauw Chin Capps (48) talks with her daughter, Lydia Capps (16) about her experience when she immigrated from Singapore to the United States for college.

Cultural Differences in El Salvador Vs. America

In this interview, I am joined by my mother where we discuss the differences between El Salvador and America

Mi Abuelita Nacha y su vida

i talked to my grandmother about her life from when she was a child to when she got married and had children and how modern the world is today

The American dream interview

This is an interview with my mom regarding her perspective of the American dream

Honors extension project-Mia Giordano

This is questions I asked my sister of her view of tube American dream

Dada and Dadi – India to America

With my Dada and Dadi we talked about their trip to America, and what the journey was like coming.

A talk about my Dad's immigration story

In this interview, I talk to my father about his experiences coming to the US and in his childhood. He discusses his struggles and his opportunities.

Interview with Marlene Moctezuma

In this interview with my mother, Marlene Moctezuma, she talks about growing up in Mexico, different historical events, and her hopes for her and my family

“English was a problem for me.”

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in College Point, New York. Helen Chen(14), interviewed her mother, Xiaofeng Yang(38), about her experiences when coming to America for the very first time. Xiaofeng Yang shares the difficulties that she had faced...