A Conversation with my Aunt, Anne Mayette

The story of my Aunt. Starting from her early life in the Philippines - serving as the student president in her university and facing the hardships of her dad's death during an ambush - to working abroad in St. Kitts...

Interview with Samei Pataq – The American Dream

this interview is about how Samei got to America. it's also about how we got started in America and how he got to the place he is now.

Interview With a New Co-Op

In this interview, Ben Rzempala details his experiences with his new co-op in Wisconsin.

The Life of my AP Lang Teacher

Hi! I’m Mekdes Alemayehu, a junior at Forest Park HS in Woodbridge, VA who will be interviewing my AP Lang teacher, Kerry Haddad, for my U.S. History project.

Subhash and his Father talk about growing up in India.

During this interview, Subhash interviews his father about his early life. He asks questions about what his fathers life was like in India and how life was different than he imagined.