My Older Sister

This is my older sister Nayah. In this interview, she talks about her love life, her work life in the medical field, and just life in general. I hope you enjoy/ed!

Julianne Larsen and Mar Nauta

Partners Julianne Larsen (46) and Mar Nauta (52) discuss how they met, the obstacles they have faced as a couple, and some of the happy memories they have shared during their thirteen years together.

Interviewing my Grandpa about his life

James North (16 years) interviews Don North (92) his grandpa im Canton Michigan on Tuesday January 10th of 2023. Don talks about his time as a kid in school his friends and the great depression along with his later years...

Storycorps Interview

My participant is Ida Gatdula who is my grandmother. In this interview, I ask her about how she met my grandfather, her first kiss, her career, and one of her childhood friends.

An interview between Scarlett Payne and her grandmother, Amy Cox, about lessons learned, and life experiences.

Scarlett Payne (12) interviews her grandmother, Amy Cox (67), on November 25, 2021 in Memphis, Tennessee. Scarlett and her grandmother begin the interview with childhood memories and family reminiscences. Then, they discuss how her grandmother met her husband, and the...

"It all started with a bag of doritos" – Stories from two adventure bois

Interviewer: Edson Maese (25) Interviewee: Divyang Motavar (22) Two best friends sharing a conversation where I (Edson) ask different kinds of questions to Divyang; from where he grew up and childhood memories, to first kiss, job description and stories, remodels,...