Sarrah Ellen McDonald and Sarah Adams

Interview with Sarrah Ellen McDonald on how she began singing and playing music, her involvement in helping found Georgia Pick & Bow Traditional Appalachian Music School, and other aspects of music in Dahlonega. Interviewed by Sarah Adams on April 5,...

Ann Whitley-Singleton and Sarah Adams

Interview with Ann Whitley-Singleton, long-time(and recently-retired)curriculum director of Georgia Pick & Bow Traditional Music School, director of the annual Blue Ridge Old-Time Music Week at Mars Hill University, and many other musical communities. Interviewed by Sarah Adams on August 28,...

Martin’s Music

I interview my classmate about his past and future in music production.

James Von Stein and Jason Von Stein

Jason Von Stein (36) talks and plays music with his father James E. Von Stein (66), a songwriter whose emphysema has stopped him from playing himself. The two reminisce and tell stories while playing.

Michael O’Toole & Mike Blackburn

Michael O'Toole and Mike Blackburn share memories of how they first got into playing music and how they became involved with Old Town School of Folk Music. This conversation was recorded at the school on October 21st, 2017. Go to...

Mateo Mulcahy & Karima Daoudi

A conversation between Mateo Mulcahy and Karima Daoudi. Mateo, the current director of Old Town School's World Music Wednesday series, remembers how his involvement with the Old Town School started when he was a 14 year old punk rocker who...