Jim Bear Full and Thompson Reichert on Bear's history of food and cooking, and how it formed and enhanced his relationships.

Jim Bear Full (67) and Thompson Reichert (67), friends since 2000, were business partners in the Ganas Community in Staten Island NY. Bear has a long history with food. His initial involvement was at school, which allowed him to develop...

HPEB 560 Food Interview

On this day, I interviewed my mom about a traditional meal that we ate growing up, and the roots of this meal.

Interview with a Food Elder

This is my interview with my mother, Karen Goecker about her favorite recipe, Japanese curry rice.

Food interview with mother

I interviewed my mother Sherrin Mazyck who is 53 years of age about a recipe that she loves to dearly.

favorite food memory’s with gage Jamie

Just having a genuine conversation about a good memory surrounding food and how it affected us. 

Banana Pudding

Syvonia Spencer, 59, talks about how she ate all of her mom’s banana pudding instead of storing it for a party.

Sisters Tegan and Zia talk Rosemary + Sage

Boston (Tegan, 30) + Denver (Zia, 28) sisters | Same recipes, different kitchens @_rosemaryandsage

Evan, Chris, and Gail Stallone

Evan Stallone talks to his mother, Gail Stallone (55) and father Chris Stallone (55) about their different perspectives on Food, energy, and water growing up in a lower economic standing then they are currently in now.