Transition from high school to college

I interviewed my cousin Arianna. We discussed the transition from high school to college and all the responsibilities, relationships, and struggles that came with it.

Baldwin Prize with Mom

My name is Nalani Stones. The person that was interviewed was was Shanita Stones my mother. I am 15 while my mother is 44. The topics discussed had a lot to do with the past and her experiences as such....

Zachary, a short memory of a Loving Grandma Agnes Kristin Krantz

I am not a good speaker on my own, I find I could write for hours of my memories of her but once I know its being recorded I panic, anxiety is a hell of a thing. This is me...

Ashton Jolley and Catherine Corcoran

One Small Step partners Ashton Jolley (21) and Catherine Corcoran (21) discuss their religious upbringings, their parents, their educational experiences, and their political views.

Clint Anderson and Sarah Anderson

Clint Anderson (42) shares a conversation with his sister, Sarah Anderson (45), about his experiences with mental health and schizoaffective disorder.

Alexander Isaac Luna & Chabree Rogers

Friends and former Providence colleagues, Alex and Bree, have different views of the first time they met. They do both agree on the positive influence they have had on each other over the last 10 years.