Interview with a family friend

I (Vi Hoang) (17) had conversation with a family friend named Thao Nguyen (26) about growing up and life in Vietnam.

My Dad’s Life after Leaving Vietnam

Monica Tran (17) interviews her dad, Thuan Tran (55) about what his life was like after leaving Vietnam. He talks about how leaving Vietnam was for him as well as his early experiences in America. He also mentions how polio...

Caroline Armstrong- StoryCorps Interview

During the interview, there were 2 participants, Caroline Armstrong and Sandi Armstrong. Sandi Armstrong is the mother of Caroline Armstrong. The topics discussed during this interview included work life, growing up, family, faith, relationships, personal life, and college.

Tanyia Moore and Tyler Kraft

[Recorded: Friday, April 28, 2023] Tanyia (57) and Tyler (34) have a One Small Step Conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Tanyia is an Assistant Manager for Zone Operations for Facilities Management Housing Custodial at the University of Virginia and Tyler is...

Life Chat With Mom: Fisher and Megan Stoychoff

Megan and Fisher Stoychoff (mother and son) in East Troy, Wisconsin have a thoughtful chat about her life. They dig deep into meaningful stories of her life with meaningful undertones that give insight to a life full of advice. Their...

Life in Vietnam

Ty Ngo recounts his challenging upbringing in Vietnam, the perilous journey to escaping the Communists, and the subsequent struggles he faced in building a new life in America.

Interview with my Uncle Juan Ordoñez

This interview consists of a series of question about my uncles childhood, experiences, and career.

Service Learning Interview

I interviewed my dad and learned a bit more about his life and his upbringing.

Civic Engagement Using Stories – My family’s life in China during WW2

In this interview, 15 year old Eric Chu interviews his 62 year old father, Bill Chu. They discuss what happened to Bill’s side of the family during World War 2 in China, when they still lived there. Then in the...

Gong-Gong growing up in Vietnam

I decided to record one of the walks that we have with my grandparents every day around our block, and ask my Grandpa who we call Gong-Gong about what it was like for him growing up in Vietnam as the...