Interview of Mehran Farhadi

The interview of Mehran Farhadi(63) conducted by his son Evan Farhadi(16) and his journey as an Iranian and an American.

Asking good questions

Daisy is a friend of mine who is 19 years old she’s my friend. Throughout this interview I asked Daisy lots of questions about her life and future.

Isabell Lentfer and Alex Prentice

I interviewed Alex Prentice who is a 20 year old student at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Alex is graduating next week and returning to his home state of Minnesota after. He grew up playing soccer and talks about how that taught...

Mady and Will – 5/9/23

Mady Vinci (25) interviewing friend Will James (20) in Lincoln, Nebraska on May 9th, 2023 (Rosario Dawson’s Birthday).

Ethnographic Interview

Aidan Forberg and Yena Kang discussing various topics in an interview format. They are partners in the Language Partners program at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Interview between Julie Barefoot and Jason Barefoot

Jason Barefoot speaks with his mother about their most fond memories of Decatur, what makes someone or something "quintessentially Decatur" and, how Decatur has informed their life experiences.