Denis Fitts talks about the founding of the Portland Waldorf School as well as his wish for the next 100 years of Waldorf education.

Denis Fitts was the founding teacher at Portland Waldorf School in 1982 when he was 22 years old. He taught kindergarten for the first two years and then took a grades class through sixth grade before moving back to Sacramento....

Interview with a Waldorf School of Princeton founding parent, Heide Ratliff.

Heide Ratliff, founding alumni parent and current educational support teacher at the Waldorf School of Princeton, describes her early involvement with the school and the pioneering spirit of the founding parents and faculty.

Laurie Clark, Early Childhood Teacher & founder of the Denver WS & Co-Author of “The Extra Lesson: Movement Journeys and Circle Adventures”

Nita Davanzo, alumna of Shining Mountain Waldorf School and Waldorf100 Director, interviews Laurie Clark, early childhood teacher and founder at the Denver Waldorf School, therapeutic support teacher and author about founding a new early childhood support program and more.