Patty and Sid

Short recap of our struggles, goals, and relationship.

Interview with close friend

I asked her about herself and her difficult/proud moments in her life.

Friendship interview

An interview with one of my best friends, Malia, about factors of good friendships.

Maria 2019

Maria is a coworker and friend from Nicaragua. We talked about her moving to USA and her career and personal life.


Listen to name and her partner, partner’s name, dissect the intricacies of A Clockwork Orange, all while attempting to navigate a podcast.

A peek into the #deaddadclub

I interviewed my oldest, bestest friend. We chatted about childhood, career, and her experience joining the #deaddadclub, and living life after grief.

Soy boy interview with jaime masin

Hi. This is an interview with a man i knew for a while