January 29, 2018 app

This is about me asking my Mom about the American dream and about her future.

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Did this with my dad it ‘‘twas hilarious. Very funny

December 25, 2017 app
1950’s Shenannigans and Gassy Aunts

Michael Davidson from Morton Grove, Illinois shares stories of his childhood and 16 funny Italian Aunts and Uncles.

History final

In this interview my sister-in-law and I talked about a couple of things. We talked about her parents, her favorite childhood home, etc.

December 21, 2017 app
History Final McDonel 6th Period

My dad and I mostly talked about his past and his family.

December 18, 2017 app
We are dusty

We started the interview off with the basic questions provided but ended it shortly with our “dusty acts”.