June 5, 2018 app
Tylah and Darius talk about his childhood, events that shaped him, and future advice to coming generations

In this interview between Tylah Wells (17) and her mentor Darius Parker (27) taken on June 1, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Darius speaks of memorable childhood events and gives uplifting messages for those who are struggling. Darius speaks of life...

June 3, 2018 app
Luis Zablan

He lived in the Philippines and grew up here for 2 years, he’s funny energetic

April 23, 2018 app
Angela Turner: Getting to Know Cree Turner

Angie interviews her husband in order to get to know him but instead her husband lets the world know who he is and all of his craziness!

There’s more than meets the eye

I interviewed one of my closest dearest friends and got to know how she truly feels about life and me, which was great