Interview with Casey Speltz

Son Aidan and mom Casey go over a little about the mom’s childhood, present, and future.

Past, Present, and Future of Albert Ortiz

I’m interviewing my Band Teacher Mr. Ortiz about his favorite memories and wondering what he’s gonna do for the future.

A talk with my brother Easton

Easton explains what’s going on in his life and his thoughts on some of the people around him, and we both share our ideas about the future.

My Moms college experience

My name is Payton cook and I am interviewing my Mom. I interviewed her about her college experience and how it was. The interview detailed specific aspects about her time there, classes taken, degrees earned, and the overall experience.

Tyler Fontanez and Gretchen Gillung-Fontanez

Tyler Fontanez (17) talks with his mother, Gretchen Gillung-Fontanez (48), about her life, her dreams, and what she hopes for the future for both herself and her children.

Nick Saah Interviewing Zoë Benjamin New Year New Me

Two funky fresh ducklings slaying the day away and f*cking sh*t up hi archive :)