Neha Patel’s StoryTelling

I am Neha Patel, 17 years old, interviewing Seema Patel, my 41 year old mother about her life. We discuss her story and everything she has gone through to get us here today.

Interview with Sister – Evan Dalrymple

This interview is hosted by Evan Dalrymple (20), about the person Lauren Dalrymple (17). They're brother and sister and talk about topics regarding Lauren's life. What she wants in her future, her future career, and what she is confident about.

Interviewing my boyfriend

Ella 18 years old interviews her boyfriend Gage 20 years old. Talking about the future and past experiences.

Mom Interview

I Casey who is 21 years old interviewed my Mom Sandy who is 48 years old. we discussed how might she give me future advice about my family and how she felt watching me grow up and her overall experiences...

The life of Julian Longchamp

I interviewed Julian Longchamp, he is 17 years old, and a good friend. I interviewed Julian on aspects of his life such as his past and future.


This interview consisted of me, Afaan Tiwana, 17, and my mother, Nargis Tiwana, 42, and her experiences in life over the years from her childhood to her years in the workforce.

Interview with Seb

Sebastian is a Sophomore at maker, he is 15. He comes from a Mexic/Salvadorian origin. In this interview I ask him questions from goals in life to family and friends.


this is a story about my experience of me about to move my senior year 

Bronwyn Downey Interviewing Her Father, John Downey

Bronwyn Downey, age 15, interviewing her father, John Downey, age 53, about himself, their family, and the future.