Noah Babbitt Interview

This interview was conducted by Noah. The Guest name was Daisy age 25. We talked about makeup and other topics.

“Generations of Friends Lead to Life-Long Friendships”

There is nothing more comforting, and kind of scary, than knowing that there is someone out there who knows everything about you. I like to say Jordan was handed to me. With our entire family growing up as best friends,...

An English Lesson in Kyoto- 12-23-2023 10:19:15

An interview between Taisuke Okumura (14 y.o) and his English teacher, Duncan Brotherton, taken in the Oharano area of Kyoto City, Japan. We talked about life, memories, and the future.

thanksgiving interview

today I interviewed Mrs. roar she is my PLT teacher we talked about her life leading up to now like where she grew up and where she went to school and her goals for the future.

Interview with Tiernan And Mrs Sandell

We talked about her high school experences and what she did in high school and what she would change if she could go back

Practice Run interview

I am Mayra Lorta. I am 16 years old and this is my practice run for my fifth period World Civilization class. I interviewed Alejandro Arriaga he is my classmate and I asked some questions about people who he looks...

Nedved Tiernan (Ethan eubank

The interview was mainly about him describing his future goals. He also explained his dream future what jobs and where he wanted to live. Lastly, he talked about how he got helped to get to his future goals

Recording – 11-20-2023 09:43:54

I interviewed agum she is 14 and she is my friend. The topic we discussed was goals and aspirations for the future. also what her life would look like if she didn’t accomplish these goals.


I (Ava, 14) interview best friends and neighbors Christopher (11) and Colette (10). Christopher is my brother and Colette neighbor and family friend. They talk about their friendship and their futures.