Growing, Gardening, and Giving

Join Natalia as she interviews her college friend Katerina to reminisce giving back to their campus community through gardening. They address the importance and power that food plays within our daily lives.

Penelope LePome and Mary Avery

Penelope LePome (77 ) and Mary Avery (63) discuss California geopolitics, the pressures of being a public official, and the impacts of Covid 19 on their respective communities.

Julie Zachary and Larry Bergeron

One Small Step partners Julie Zachary (66) and Larry Bergeron (74) discuss their personal lives and their differing political beliefs.

Waltraud Kuerschner and Ariana Kramer

Waltraud Kuerschner (80) speaks with her daughter Ariana Kramer (51) about the places she has lived and her life experiences.

John Hess and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: John Hess shares his story growing up in West Virginia, where his family valued traveling and spending time with relatives. After going to graduate school at Cornell, he moved to Andover with his family. He...

Kat Roth and Wandae Johnson

[Recorded: December 14, 2022] Kat Roth (72) and Wandae Johnson (40) sit down to record a One Small Step Conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Wandae comes from a background in social justice work within the Charlottesville community, and Kat is retired...

Jennifer Bahnaman and Gertrud Zoeller

Jennie interviews her friend Gertrud (83) about her experiences as a refugee from Bohemia, first to Germany and then to the United States, as well as her time as a Wisconsin Master Gardener where she established the first butterfly garden...