Learning about my families history with my Grandma
September 11, 2020 App Interview

In this interview conducted in Sep 2020, I interview my grandmother about her life and decades of experience. She shares about her childhood memories of playing with her sisters and her highschool issues with a somewhat unhappy relationship with friends...

Grandma and Beth

We talked about our relationship as grandmother and granddaughter over the years.

The Internet Over the Ages

The internet has impacted society in a massive way. In this interview, I ask a member of an older generation their ideas about the development of the internet.

Mental Health Issues on College Campus: an Epidemic

I interview my friend about her experience with mental illness, specifically an attempted suicide, and how that fits into the larger narrative of mental health issues on college campuses.

Progress and Paradox, Theo Hassinger and Sharon Rolley

A grandmother and her grandson discuss how times have changed and things the grandson had no idea about his family history.

"Okay zoomer"

As “ok boomer” memes rise on social media, the infamous generation gap becomes more apparent. I sat down with my father, a Gen X'er and learned his opinion on the generation gap.

Generation gaps

Today there seems to be an increasing gap between generations. I sat down with my dad to talk about his opinions on current generations and the gap.


Me and my aunt talking about what’s important in the spirit of thanksgiving

Chat with Grandpa

A chat with my grandfather, Wendell Wills, about his school life, the current state of our government, and family.