Ines Negrette and María Bozo

Amigas y colegas Ines Negrette (no edad) y María Bozo (no edad) hablan de su inmigración a los Estados Unidos, su trabajo en CasaLuz, y las maneras en que han crecido con los años. [Friends and colleagues Ines Negrette (no...

Nikkita Joseph and Bertina Wilson

Nikkita Joseph (35) interviews her aunt Bertina Wilson (71) about her grandparents and the important lessons in compassion and generosity they passed down through the generations.

Kristy Stephens and Donna Kohut

Kristy Stephens (45) and her mother Donna Kohut (71) talk about the things they are most proud of in themselves and each other.

Empower One Another – Kathleen O’Neal

In this StoryCorps interview, Kathleen O’Neal talks about various topics in current day era. From the ideology of friendship, to having faith in humanity. This interview will open your eyes to a new perspective on the world.

James Barr II and Shira Smillie

James "Chef Daddy" Barr II [no age given] sits down with StoryCorps facilitator Shira Smillie (26) and tells her about Burning Man, how his values intersect with those of the festival, and his family.

Gus Foster and Alexandra Benjamin

Life partners Gus Foster (82) and Alexandra Benjamin (70) share a conversation about The Harwood Museum in Taos, New Mexico. They talk about the museum's history in the community, its evolution, and the generosity that has made it the museum...

Cheri Lyon and Stephen Wiard

Colleagues Cheri Lyon (65) and Stephen Wiard (74) discuss what it means to serve their community and reflect on the impact of El Pueblito Methodist Church's Shared Table program on the Taos community.

generosity 7 year old

my son and I talk about generosity