Lily and Andy Engel talk about their ancestors coming to the US

This interview recorded in December 2019 in Oregon Wisconsin is about how the great grandparents of Andy Engel came to the US from Armenia to escape the Armenian genocide. In it Lily Engel and her father talk about the struggles...

Maggie Suon and Thear Suzuki

Maggie Suon (84) survived the horrific Cambodian genocide. Abandoned by her husband, lost 3 children, and now lives in Dallas with 2 children, 4 granddaughters, and 2 great granddaughters.

Rwanda genocide UN aide

U.S. Air Force aide in UN efforts to ease Rwandan genocide

The Genocide

This interview was about the injustice that India put on the shoulders of innocent Sikh men and women through 1980 till 1995. Who had died in the genocide or had suffered a loss which will forever be with them till...