Timothy Huntington and Marcia Drummond

Marcia Drummond (50) and her One Small Step partner Timothy Huntington (60) discuss parenting and parenthood, political ideologies, class, and how their youth influenced their views on the meaning of life.

Kaleilani Grant and Nicole Farmer

Kaleilani Grant (38) talks to her best friend, Nicole Farmer (39), about her faith in God through many life obstacles. She talks about the period of life that she was forced into sex work and talks about how she is...

Mrs.Betty Bishop

My granny and I discussed how her life was growing up in a low income household and how she was able to enjoy life as it is and prosper.

Time with my Bobbi

Please join me as I soak up the sweet voice and faithful words of my precious Aunt and brilliant friend, Bobbi Kennedy.


I did this interview with my son Jackson who is six years old.

Interview with Abernathy

We talked about her experiences in life, and what she is most proud of.

My fathers life in one recording

This is a talk with my dad talking about his life and past and filling me with his wisdom