charm asks noah

me (charm) and Noah talk about his childhood and influential people throughout his life!

Multimodal Project

This is an interview is between a mother (Allison Clayton (46)) and daughter (Haley Clayton (18)). They discuss the hardships of being a young mother along with finding God along the way.

crawford interview for caitlyn

I interviewed Caitlyn, i was surprised to learn so much about my friend. she went into great detail about the part of her life that i haven’t heard before. i learned a lot and i enjoyed the experience, she did...

interview of math teacher

This exercise was quite interesting. For me, it was a very different experience. I am very close with my math teacher, and serious conversations come up now and again. But when the questions were scripted, the conversation did not feel...

Interview of My Mom

I am Maida Liu(interviewer) and am speaking with my mom Zhongmei Li(interviewee). I am 15 years old and my mom is 50. We talked about her childhood, her thoughts on the present, and her beliefs.

Pedro Silva and Kelly FitzSilva

Married couple, Kelly FitzSilva (46) and Pedro Silva (48), discuss religion, identity, and adversity. Pedro and Kelly navigate conversation interweaving their relationships to themselves, each other, and spirituality — noting both the beautiful and difficult aspects.

Jyotsna Raj and Indra Raj

Jyotsna Raj (71) speaks with her daughter Indra Raj (37) about Hindu faith and belief in God. Indra speaks about not believing in God, her concerns about organized religion, and how she aims to live a moral life. Jyotsna describes...