Beyond My Brain

Adriana, 17 years old, is interviewed by her best friend, Megla, who is also 17 years old. They discuss thoughts on God and how Adriana imagines her life differently from how it is today. Corp


Emmanuel & Tay, 20 years old. Deeper look into religion

Joe’s Experiences of the Divine

Michelle Ellen Johnston “MJ”, age 55, interviewing her father, Joseph Everett Miner, age 79. Joe has had several mystical experiences and I asked him to talk about some of them.

Elena Dillard and Theresa Gossman

One Small Step conversation partners Elena Dillard (40) and Theresa Gossman (42) discover the many common threads between them. They talk about having Alzheimer's in their families, their spiritual journeys, motherhood, and their experiences with addiction and forgiveness.

Week 3 interview with Sal

I interviewed my brother Sal Urrutia,47 from Charlotte NC. We discussed his personal life and experiences.

history final
December 21, 2022 App Interview

I interview my aunt Lisa who is my moms sister. she and my mom both had a really bad childhood and we’re able to survive that. so I asked questions about her life then, now, and the future

Happy Days are Here Again

I’m Makayla Boney (18) and I interviewed my auntie Sylvia Lee (70) on her belief of God. We discuss a little bit about our family and how God is present in her every day life.