Wendy Dorfman and Monet David

Friends and colleagues Wendy Dorfman (54) and Monet David (34) discuss the founding of the Acadiana Queer Collective, planning pride festivals in Lafayette, and the importance of other events the Collective has put on.

Carolyn Woo and Kristen Vance

One Small Step conversation partners Kristen Vance (59) and Carolyn Woo (69) talked about the value of international travel to better understand different people.

Clark Howe Interview December 17, 2022 1 of 2

Talked about graduate school at KU, living in Lawrence Kansas, meeting Mom, wedding, accepting job offer from John Deere, moving to the Quad Cities, first few years of living there in two apartments, Stacey is born, and then moving to...

Clifton Smart III and Frank Einhellig

Friends and colleagues Clifton Smart III (61) and Frank Einhellig (83) share a conversation about the work they did together as president and provost of Missouri State University. They discuss the changes the university has seen under their leadership, the...

Samuel Elzay and Sarah Elzay

Spouses, Sarah Elzay (35) and Samuel Elzay (37), share a conversation about how they first met, how their relationship developed, and the partnership they have formed together.

friendships in college and graduate school

Bob had two really good friends in graduate school that helped him become more extroverted.