Community COVID-19

Me and Christian talk about the current pandemic the COVID 19

Community COVID-19

Me and Christian talk about the current pandemic the COVID 19

A Gypsy’s Life

This interview takes a dive into the life of my mom, a hard-working English teacher who has had quite the life. You'll learn about someone who has had a ton of turns in her life, moved all over the place,...

Close to war: the Vietnam draft

In the early 70s, Mark Hoffeld, was shocked when he received a draft letter to go to war. I, Jacob Silverstein (14), interviewed my grandpa Mark Hoffeld (71), on January 7, 2020. I interviewed him over the phone while I...

My Mother, 6,129 miles from Home.

i interviewed my mother about when she moved from her home town of Padova, Italy to here in California to study at USC. We talked about her struggles and what she overcame to get to where she is today.

Emily Lei and a family friend talks about adult life and memories from childhood.

In this interview, conducted in December 9 in Plano, Texas, Emily Lei (16) interviews a family friend, Lily Wang (30), about childhood and adult life. Ms.Wang shares her stories of having a separated family growing up. She also talks about...

A Look into Grad School And STEM Fields

I interviewed my sister about her life and career goals and her experiences in the college, grad school, and STEM communities. As a high school senior, I found it interesting to hear about the life outside of traditional college. I...

The great thanksgiving listen

Interviewing my tutor about her life and the difficulties back then when you are doing 3 job at once

Interview with Wen

A daughter asks her mom what it was like growing up in China and transitioning to the US