Ebony Clark and Braxton Parker

Ebony Clark (47) speaks with her son Braxton Parker (22) about his time in the National Guard. They reflect on Braxton leaving home for basic training, the friendships he made during that time, and what makes their bond as mother...

Isabell Lentfer and Alex Prentice

I interviewed Alex Prentice who is a 20 year old student at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Alex is graduating next week and returning to his home state of Minnesota after. He grew up playing soccer and talks about how that taught...

My Mom Wasn’t Able To Come To My Graduation
October 5, 2022 App Interview

This interview is me asking my mom many questions I had about what it was like when she couldn’t be at my graduation. She couldn’t be there because my grandma had gotten in a really bad wreck on the way...

Chloe on Dance, Friendship, and Future
June 7, 2022 App Interview

Chloe, 14, and Clare, 13, have been best friends for over a decade. In this interview, they reflect on their funniest memories, and also their futures.

“Pushed through…”

This is a brief chat about how my sister overcame certain obstacles in her life.

Thomas Browder and Ed Browder

Brothers Thomas "Tom" Browder (78) and Ed Browder (75) share a conversation about their time in the military and about how they came to coincidentally meet each other on the other side of the world.

Meaningful Questions with Eileen DaSilva

We spoke on the legacy of Eileen DaSilva, and the people that she is most grateful for in her life. We also spoke on her hopes for me and our relationship together.

Bruce Evans and Vice Admiral Nora Tyson

Vice Admiral Nora Tyson (64) and Mr. Bruce Evans (62) discuss their experience serving on Vanderbilt University's Board of Trust during the COVID-19 crisis.

Eric Kopstain and Steven Ertel

Vice Chancellors Eric Kopstain (52) and Steven "Steve" Ertel (44) discuss how COVID-19 impacted the Vanderbilt community and the university's decision to offer in-person learning during the 2020 school year.