Brandie Thomas and Catherine Thomas

Mother and daughter Catherine Thomas (53) and Brandie Thomas (29) talk about fond family memories, difficult moments in their lives, and Southern cooking.

12/01/2023 Sue Presley & Dr. Debbie Presley O’Brien

Daughter (Dr. Debbie Presley O’Brien, age 67) interviewing Mother (Sue Gaskin Presley, age 86) about being a working mom in the 1950s and overcoming obstacles to meet her goal of becoming a flight attendant and pilot at a time most...

Rosie Bolton and her grandmother Martha Bolton reflect on the past

In this interview, conducted in November 2023 in Chelsea, Alabama, Rosie Bolton (17) interviews her grandmother, Martha Bolton (71). They reflect on the past, share hopes for the future, and reminisce over the highs and the lows of a life...

MaryBeth Shaw and John Shaw

MaryBeth Shaw (63) and John Shaw (77) speak about their marriage, the challenges they have faced, and the business they have built together.

Barbara Hester Kurtz and Susan Scott Peterson, November 26, 2021

Barbara Hester Kurtz (87) talks with her granddaughter Susan Scott Peterson (40) about her life from 1957 to present day, including her family being posted in Germany after the occupation ended and raising children while moving around the country for...

Bob Kuusinen conversation with his son Matt

Bob Kuusinen interviewed by Matt Kuusinen talking about kids, grandkids, and career in June 2023 in Denver.