Mother growing up in Colombia

My mother Alcira (56) and I Vanessa (18) discussed about how and when she got to the U.S. We also talked about her funny, wild and interesting life when she was growing up in the beautiful country of Colombia!

Steven Styba on his childhood adventures 9/16/2023

I (Elliana Winger, 14) asked my grandfather (Steven Styba, Aka Bompa, 75) 15 main questions with a few follow up questions about what life was like when he was a teenager. As he said the 60s were very different as...

First interview

I interviewed Sklylar Blaine, 29 years old from Florida. we discussed his upbringing and his childhood. We talked about his 7 years spent in the army, and the impact that had in his life.

"Rebekah and Jenna – Successful College Students"

Participants include Jenna Greer and Rebekah Tiernan who are both 18 and are best friends. The interview is for a class called College Success. We discussed a story about a skiing accident, her first impression of me and how she...

Recording – 08-29-2023 22:06:11

me and my cousin doing a school project where I’m interviewing her she is 18 years old

Samyuktha Mahadevan and Preetima Moteea

[Recorded Monday, July 17, 2023] Samyuktha (25) and Preetima (25) have a One Small Conversation in Charlottesville. Samyuktha is Programs Manager at the Karsh Institute of Democracy and has experience in politics, campaigning, and grassroots organizing. Preetima has 5+ years’...

Lena Jackson and Brian Kurzik

One Small Step partners Lena Jackson (46) and Brian Kurzik (34) talk about the struggles they have faced and overcome in life.

Aurora Lee and Nathan Davis

One Small Step partners Aurora Lee (29) and Nathan Davis (33) discuss their favorite childhood memories, whether they consider themselves "patriotic," and what makes them uncomfortable about their own political "side."

Andrew Hersey and Willis Jackson

One Small Step conversation partners Andrew Hersey (63) and Willis Jackson (77) discuss about politics.

Rick Freimuth 8.1.2020

A good interview to talk about Grandpa Rick's life, childhood and family.