Dad's Stolen Limo

Maya Srinivasan (15) interviews her dad, Bhu Srinivasan (47) about his childhood adventure of stealing a limousine.

Too Many Mice

Chloe Jennings(15) listens to her mom, Alex Jennings(49) as she tells a childhood memory of her first pet that was a disaster. (Image featured: Chloe at a young age with her mom, Alex)

"Earnestine Gamble and Justin Rembert Look Back Into the 'Olden Days'"

Earnestine Gamble (71) talks with her grandson, Justin Rembert (14) about her childhood during segregation in the 1960s to the 70s.

Professor David Hicks Discusses His Career in Anthropology

David Hicks (84) talks about the beginning of his life and early school years in Wales and all the way through his career and recent retirement with his granddaughter, Clara (13). Professor Hicks discusses what sparked his interest in the...

"Being the center of my family, I recall how everyone's attention was always on me. This led me to sometimes act out, like when I pulled my

This interview, conducted on November 26, 2023, features Dhruv Trivedi, a 16-year-old from Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, and his father, Neerav Trivedi, a 47-year-old. The conversation, unfolding in their dining room, captures a heartwarming father-son dialogue. The discussion inquiries...

Duckett, Alex (Thanksgiving Interview 11/29/2023)

Me and my dad talk about our pasts and future while we also talk about current events in our lives.

Thanksgiving interview

my dad was apart of this interview because I feel like since he’s been here for a long time he’s know most about me.