John Harris Hocutt and his grandmother Barbara Winstead talk about her life experiences from her childhood and her job.

In this interview I’m Vestavia Hills, AL on November 24, 2023, John Harris Hocutt (17) interviews his grandmother Barbara Winstead (73). He asks about aspects of her childhood, her job, and some of her relatives. Towards the end of the...

Diane, retired teacher, talks about her family and reflects on her accomplishments as a teacher.

Diane (76) is asked about her childhood and family, as well as the people who affected her life the most. She reflects on her own and her son's weddings, as well as her daughter-in-law. Diane answers why she wanted to...

Interview with my Grandma in 2023

I, the interviewer, am Brooklyn Elizabeth Adams and I am interviewing my 63 year old grandmother named Sandra Gallagher. We talked mostly about her time in Anchorage, Alaska.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen- Sophie Williams and her Grandmother Beverly Love

On November 22, 2023, Sophie Williams (17) interviewed her grandmother Beverly Love (76) about her past. She recorded this on her grandmother's patio in College Station, Texas. Sophie asked her grandmother about her college life, friendships, family, and more.

"We Were Reunited"

Melina Plummer (16, Grandaughter) and Maureen McCarthy (58, Grandmother) Discuss a multitude of topics. Being a single mother and being the first generation of Women to work full time is tough. Maureen has lived through a lot and has a...

Grandmas Interview Over Thanksgiving Break

15 year old Harlee interviews her grandmother Joan about earlier life before and after having children.

History Extra Credit – 11-26-2023 15:29:41

My nanas name is Patricia and she is 83 years old. She is the mom of my dad, she moved here from Wisconsin with my Papi, and they eventually built a house in Hillsborough where she has lived for about...

Interview with Linda Artigue Buday, grandmother of Samantha Buday

Samantha Buday, 11, talks with her grandmother, Linda Artigue Buday, 74, over the Thanksgiving holiday about her life. In this interview, Linda explains how her family ended up in the state of Louisiana. She also details her life growing up...

Mary Ann Phalen interview

I, John, a 13 year old boy, interviewed Mary Ann Phalen, who is 66 years old at the time of the recording. I learned alot about her that i didnt know and we had a good time.

The Big Yellow and White Truck

My Italian/Ukrainian Grandma talks about her childhood and raising her kids. Even though it was hard for her and her husband to earn enough money to raise 2 girls and 2 boys, she remained humble. She remembers how they waited...