Ralph Crosby, A Life of Writing

A granddaughter interviews her grandfather about his lifelong love of writing.

Mike Gaglio and RubyAnn Gaglio

Mike Gaglio (47) interviews his wife, RubyAnn Gaglio (51), about her desire to be a philanthropist since she was a little girl, her work as a conservationist and master naturalist, and the lessons she learned from her grandfather.

Grandpa’s life

My name is Tommy Rich, I am in eighth grade, and I was joined by my grandfather Bradford Rich where he talked about his life. He talked particularly about his various jobs as a lawyer that brought him through the...

12/11/22 with Pop

I am Nate Campbell, 14, Flemington, NJ interviewing Joe Oreskovich (Pop), Grandfather, 72, Media, PA. We discussed my pops life from when he was a child to now.

Interview with my Grandfather

A brief interview with my grandfather. (Irving Dano,64) (Tayemar Brown-Dano,17)

Interview with grandfather

interviewed: Larry Concannon interviewer: Jacob Concannon past life: childhood activities, family, childhood home location. events: camping story, military stories.

An interview with my grandparents

This is an interview by me, David Buss and my grandparents Arthur Merlino and Annette Merlino

Grandad Ira's view on selective service.

For a school assignment I needed to interview my grandfather and ask him some questions about the draft for Vietnam, he never served but hes always been an opinionated man so I figured his interview would be very interesting.