Me and my mother talked about my grandfather that I never met before I was born

The Story Of My Mom’s Life

My mom talks about her childhood and my similarities to her. She also talks about her thoughts and moments that were important and memorable to her. In addition to this she expresses what she wants for her children and herself...

Juan S. Rivera, my grandfather

In this interview, my grandfather talks about how life was different in the Philippines during his time – mentioning how life was under martial law. And other things history related.

Interview with Dad for Comm245

Daughter and Father interview about ancestors, childhood, and relationships.

Grandpa Goschalk

Two American grandchildren interview their English grandfather

March 4, 2018 app
JFK assassination with poppy

An interview with my grandfather of his intake on the assassination of JFK

March 2, 2018 app
About Richard Needham

Eric DeWitt interviews his girlfriend Emma Needham regarding her memories with her grandfather.

February 20, 2018 app
A Mogish Memoir

A rare opportunity to record some thoughts and reflections from a quiet and humble man, my grandmother