Alyson Pringle talks with her grandma about her childhood

Alyson Pringle speaks with her grandma, Dorothy Ramsey about her childhood & the love that got away. She also spoke of her strict father and how she still got away with a lot as a child. We spoke on Lincoln...

My Pops , 4-22-2018

This interview was conducted April 22 , 2018 and it is between my father, Mike Velasquez and myself, Dominique Velasquez. We spoke about his childhood and how it was not the easiest. We also spoke about having children and views...

Interview with Grandma about her life.

I interviewed my Grandma about her life and what trouble she went through growing up.

Pat Gill’s life growing up

In this interview i learned a lot of different and unique things about my grandma that i never knew before. She is a very bright women and i learn a lot from her and i hope that through this interview...

Interviewing Ines Muñoz

In this interview we talked a little about how my grandmas life was before and how her childhood was

Growing up in the country

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Atoka, Oklahoma, I interviewed my grandma, Dale Payne, about positive memories and her life growing up. She told me about how her and her husband, Larry Payne, came to be. She also...

Summer Telleri and Helen Puchalski Interview

This is an interview about my grandma’s life growing up and her thoughts and dreams throughout her life.