Grandma Takes Over

My 76 year old grandmother recounts her many, many memories of growing up in the fifties and the end times of her life.

Interview with Beatriz Guerra

Interview with my grandma, Beatriz Guerra. Asking her about her life in the past and her now.

Emma’s interview

I talked with my grandma about her life back then

A Talk With Grandma

My grandma and I talked about her life from when she was little to present day. She talked about her life as a teacher and all the memories she has of past students. We also discussed what it was like...

Grandma's interview

Interviewing my Grandma about her life and childhood

Interview Molly Donegan, Creativity for a Lifetime

For this assignment, I interviewed my grandmother, also known as Mimi who is 76 years old. She emphasized on the importance of happiness and family. I learned more about her life as a child and understood why I am me....

Karen Herbacek

Had a chance to sit down and chat with my wife’s grandma.