Ayah Aburashed interviews Zarifa Alsadi about her Childhood in Palestine

In this interview, conducted on May 6th 2022 in West Bloomfield Michigan, Ayah Aburashed (13) interviews Zarifa Alsadi or Tayta Zuzu (90) about her life growing up. She shares about her siblings, where she grew up, the transition to America,...

Lynn Burrill and Cristina Ramirez

Lynn Fremed [no age given] and her One Small Step partner, Cristina Ramirez (46), discuss their experiences in Richmond and issues of class struggle, diversity, and education accessibility.

Interviewing my 76 year old grandmother, Josie Baca

This interview covered aspects for each chapter of the textbook, “The Big Questions: A Short Introduction to Philosophy”

The Marvelous Marcia Fowler

On April 7 2022 I talk to my grandmother, Marcia Fowler, about her childhood.

Elijah Wiseman and Estelle I.

Elijah Wiseman (17) talks to Estelle I. (99) about growing up Jewish.