Thats a good question.

Justin Arvelo & his Grandparent Art Mccollum disscuss how it was living through historical events & meeting the love of his life in high school.

Interview with my Grandpa

This is an interview with my grandpa, Eduardo, where he talks about his childhood, lessons he’s learned, and obstacles in his life.

Emma’s interview

I talked with my grandma about her life back then

My interview with my Grandpa

In this interview, I am speaking with James P. O’Hare, who is also known as my grandpa. He is answering questions about his life, giving advice, and reminiscing on his days. He talks about his family, childhood, adolescent years, and...

Grandpas passing

My interview was about me asking my dad some questions about how he had to deal with his grandpas passing. It also was some very hard question to answer.

Dale Herbacek

Interviewed my wife’s Grandpa.