Interview With My Abuelito

Allison Mitchell (16) interviews her Abuelito Bill Mitchell (73) on his adventures to Mexico, Australia, and Florida. Also talking about his passion for art and music.

Interview With My Grandma

My Grandma (Patricia Kebbekus) and I talk about her time in the army as well as her life as a child and how she met my Grandpa.

Mahlon Robert Sutton

Mahlon Robert Sutton, my grandfather, reminisces on his childhood, relationship with grandma, and his choices to be in the Navy. Audio is recorded over phone call, as we live in different states, making the time spent talking to him so...

Interview with my grandmother.

In this interview I, Tyler Dooley age 18 interview my grandmother (Nana), Gaye Dooley age 83. We discuss her life growing up, her family all the way down the line, the the knowledge and wisdom she would want to share...

Interview about 60’s

Interview with my grandmother about her experience growing up and attending high school and college during the 60’s.

Xi Hua Zhao and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Xi Hua Zhao was born in China, where he lived a happy and modest life. He moved to the United States over a decade ago to help his daughter take care of his grandchild, and...

Christmas 2022
January 29, 2023 App Interview

Faith Josephs Rosales, 35, interviewing her mom Robyn Josephs (71) on becoming a grandparent to her daughter Xochitl Rosales.

Tiyana interviews Sheilia

Sheilia Thornton talks about her experience in life with kids, in the military, and beyond.