Interview with Tommy and Becky Jacobs on becoming great grandparents

Interview with Tommy and Becky Jacobs on becoming great grandparents

A sitdown with my elders.

This interview gives an insight into what life was like in rural Oklahoma from the perspective of two children that grew up in farming families.

Mary Caroline Styles Thanksgiving Interview
November 29, 2018 App Interview

Mary Caroline Styles Interviews her Grandfather Richard Pardue about growing up in Birmingham. We talked about the shift in Birmingham, the age of technology, and his time in the Military.

Group Hugs

On Thanksgiving 2018, in Galloway New Jersey, Abbi interviewed her grandma. They talked about her life in Italy and her struggles coming to America. They talked about her life with Abbi’s stepmom(Jen) and Jen’s sister (Sylvia’s daughters). She recounts fondly,...

Interviewing my grandma Cuc Phan

My grandma tells me why she flees Vietnam to go to the U.S and the hardships that came with it. ( In Vietnamese)

Interview with my Pop

An interview with my grandfather, Anthony Re, about his life from his upbringing to the present.

George and Margaret Weihs -Tom Darlington

George and Margaret Weihs talk about their lives looking back.

A conversation with Grandma Alice. We’ve started our bi-weekly conversations the same for many years, except this one.

I’m Rob. She’s Alice. She’s my maternal grandmother. We talk at least every other week, but this conversation was different. It was deeper. We talked about everything I could think of for this, but she refused to answer two of...