Maya Freschi interviewing her Grandma Kathy on November 22nd, 2023
November 26, 2023 App Interview

In this interview conducted on November 22nd, 2023, in Calpine, CA, Maya Freschi interviews her grandma Kathy about her experiences in life and how they have shaped who she is as a person.

Ari’s words

The interview with my sister, Ari, who is 24 years of age is a 4 minute conversation that goes over her best memories and life advice.

Eli’s Interview of Aubby- 11-24-2023 11:01:18

Eli was interviewing his grandfather about his life. There were questions like what he was most proud of and what he was most grateful for.

Interview with My Mom

My mom describes what she’s most grateful for in her life.

Jonathan Camarena’s Interview

Jonathan Talked about his friends and school life. he also talked about how he appreciated how his life was going.

My mom’s immigration story from Russia to the US

I interviewed my mom (Karina Glosman) about her immigration story, coming from Russia to the United States. We discussed her earliest memories in America, assimilation, financial challenges, her role models, and proudest moments in her life.

Son interviews mom about her foreign exchange student life.

Graham Roe interviews his mom, Cecilia Roe about her life as a foreign exchange student. Cecilia Roe states that she is very proud and happy that she was able to have the chance to become a foreign exchange student. Cecilia...

heart to heart

I'm very glad that I Tyler Black age 18 and Alex Crawford age 28 were able to have a heart to hear conversation and be able to dive deeper into things to be grateful for and enjoy growing up.

Irea’s Speech Interview

Paris Richardson, 37 years old, My Mother. She’s talked about her happiest and difficult memories, someone who she will always remember and most grateful for, proudest and favorite memories of me.

Narrative 62 – Male, 71 year old, adult vaccine participant

As part of The VOICES Project at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Narrative 62 is a male, 71 year old, adult vaccine participant speaking on COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial participation.