Stellan Knowles and LaCretia Springer

Stellan Knowles (21) speaks with his grandmother LaCretia Springer (76) about her childhood, the challenges of her life, and her hopes for future generations of LGBTQ+ youth and the significance of their relationship.

Milton Arceneaux and Dawn Arceneaux

Spouses Milton Arceneaux (49) and Dawn Arceneaux (48) share a conversation about their relationship, their family, and what they are most grateful for.

Cheryl Devall and Mona Wilson

Long-time friends Cheryl Devall (64) and Mona Wilson (61) talk about Mona's reputation as the reigning "Zydeco Queen," what people may not realize about Creole community and culture, and Cheryl's journey of piecing together her own family history.

Ke'Shawn Collins and Alena Collins

Ke'Shawn Collins (22) speaks with his mother, Alena Collins (40), about his gratitude for her support through his artistic career, and Alena expresses pride in her son's work. Both discuss life lessons and values they have leaned on throughout their...

John Cochran

Michael Moore interviewing John Cochran. John is a musician who used to travel in a band and is an extremely talented musician. Michael is a college student and they are roommates. Both have struggled with addiction in their lives and...

Kendall Cole and Laurie Beck

One Small Step conversation participants Kendall Cole (29) and Laurie Beck (55) exchange lived experiences and discuss their faith journeys as well as gratitude as a bridge for understanding.

Gratitude and the Holidays

I, Mikela Zambrano (18) interviewed my aunt, Miliza Chicot (50), about what she feels gratitude about and how it reflects on her experience during the holiday season.

What’s Around The Corner

First off I want to explain my title. My grandpa chose this title because he says you really don’t know exactly what is going to happen next in life. I interviewed my grandfather, Terence Julien who is 83 years old....

Yvonne Matthews and Franchesca Peña

Yvonne Matthews (69) and her conversation partner Franchesca Peña [no age given] discuss Yvonne's upbringing, what originally motivated her to pursue music, and several milestones in her career as a musician and educator.