Evelyn at 94

WWII WAVES veteran talking about her life and family.

Great Thanksgiving Listen: Lily & Kristen Gerstein

Lily and her Mom Kristen Gerstein talking about her life growing up, and things she’s learned in life.

GTL 2018/CHS Kayajanian

We talked a lot about his life growing up and what my mom was like.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen FB.

This is about all the events that have occurred throughout the life of my grandmother starting from her love life, her boyfriend, her parents, and even when she came to this country and much more. Hope you enjoy!!

Interview with My Mom, Michele, About Her Experiences as a Teen #MBHSstories

I talked to my mom about what it was like for her growing up and having me. She told me about her having me, meeting my dad, and moving around in high school.

Mykiel Haynes Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018

I talked to my grandmother about her life growing up and as a teenager