November 26, 2018 App Interview
Interview with my Mother

( mom didn’t want a picture ) Me and my mom discuss mainly about childhood and how it was like for her while growing up. She gives me some advice on some things and describes her wishes for my own...


This was an interview with my mom about her childhood and growing up to be who she is today

Talk with my dad

We talked about life, expectations, the American Dream, and how a person grows throughout life.

Chanel Conner childhood

I interview my mother on growing up in our city Chicago

Abel Naranjo and his sister Abigail Naranjo reflect on life experiences and relationship as siblings

Abel Naranjo and his older sister Abigail Naranjo discuss Abigail’s life as a child and how she has developed into the person she is now. Abigail discusses her life as a child and reflects on people in her life who...

Maggie interviews grandma about childhood

Maggie Kane, 16 years old, interviews her grandma, Joyce Regan. She talks about her childhood and family.

Ripley Keller interviews Nigiel Keller about early life

Chicago, Illinois. 11/22/17, Ripley Keller and Nigiel Keller. We talked mostly about early childhood and growing up, and things that shaped your personality. I am 16 years old and my cousin Nigiel is 30.