Luci’s Interview

An interview between my aunt Luci and I for an English project.

Grandma B.

My grandma described where and how she grew up, and also talked about some things she’s learned while doing so.

Grandma and Ryan

We talked about what my mom was like growing up and what my Grandma was like growing up.

Growing Up in New York, Living in Texas

My Popi has lived in Texas for 40 years, but he grew up in snowy Upstate New York. That is very different than me.

Heather Kellehers childhood

My moms story of growing up in multiple places and fragmented relationships with family.

Growing up

My interviewee is talking about how her childhood was and how she grew up.

My Moms view on the world

My mother talked about the chronological time of me growing up and her growing up at the same time learning important lessons and ways the have a great long lasting life