Recording – 11-30-2023 00:12:53

Damarri Richardson 16 Son Deidre Cargle 36 Mom My mom Proudest memories and moments How was I like as a baby, child and when I made my mom angry. The dreams she has for me Our very last Conversation and...

Tim Havis and David Havis

Tim Havis (33) and his father David Havis (70) talk about when Tim came out as gay, reflecting on growth and openness in their family.

Sarah Richmond and Leah Richmond

Mother and daughter Leah Richmond (52) and Sarah Richmond (19) talk about their journey together as mother and daughter after Leah adopted Sarah from foster care at age 10.

Kerica Williams and Ronald Wagner

Kerica Williams (47) and her son Ronald Wagner (21) share a conversation about travel, their aspirations for the future, and their relationship.

Patrese Griffin and Ed Genesis

Patrese Griffin (41) speaks with her husband, Ed Genesis [no age given], about where they each were in life when they first met, the work they have been able to do together since meeting, and how they balance helping others...

My mother's twenties: valuable memories of mother's youth

The interview mainly records my mother's memories of her youth. In this interview, my mother talked about her youth, from studying tailoring to getting married and having children. When studying tailoring, my mother was always very motivated and diligent in...

Fathers Day

Natalie (25) sits down with her dad Brett (69) on Fathers Day 2023 to talk about how fatherhood has changed, and continues to change, his thoughts on the world and on himself.

cousin Phillips experience

SFC (cousin) Gonzales Phillip interview of his military experience. Deployment to Iraq, and how the challenges he faced. His greatest moments while deployed was brining home all his troops.