We talked about the highs and lows of life and some found memories made

Interview with momma

I asked my mom questions about her childhood and about her life

Covid-19 Interview with Cicily :)

This interview talks about how I viewed the world pre-pandemic and how my ideas have changed and evolved since living through a pandemic. It makes me reflect on everything that has happened and how I’ve grown.

Life of growth

There was definitely a lot talked about. To sum it up though I would venture to say it was mostly deep questions that help us all open up

PLP English II Narrative Interview Caroline Hardeman (Melanie Hardeman)

I interviewed my mom (Melanie Hardeman), she is a nurse at Lake Norman Regional Medical center and has continued to work and guide others during this pandemic even through the struggles the nurses collectively face.

Courtney Maley and Didi Taylor

Didi Taylor (86) talks with her granddaughter, Courtney Maley (18) about her life growing up in the Netherlands during World War II. She talks about her childhood before, during, and after the war, and how much changed because of World...

Alan and Nathan Garrett, Father and Son

Nathan Garrett (20) talks with his father, Alan Garrett, about growing up, adulthood, relationships and values.

Interview with a friend

I asked my about her outputs about her life and recommendation for others to be successful.