Jason Moore and his sister Lily Moore talk about Lily's accomplishments.

In this interview, conducted on May 19th 2022 in Corpus Christi, Texas, Jason Moore interviews his sister Lily Moore about the things she has accomplished in her gymnastics, Destination Imagination career, and other stories from their childhood.

Oscar Szmuch & Annette Weinberg

Oscar, born in Siberia, was a toddler when WWII broke out. His father was in the Russian military and could see what was taking place in Europe and became fearful for his family. After a stint in a Polish relocation...

Talk Sports

Interview of differences between Gymnast and Cheerleader

Hair extension gone wrong.

Getting ready for a gymnastic meet. Then during one of my events my hair extension flying off my head.

Eli Hulstein and Jessica Miller

Eli Hulstein (19) interviews his girlfriend, Jessica Miller (18), about her experience as a high school gymnast.

Gymnastics and Life Goals

We talked about Peter’s passions and why he is so awesome.

Megha Patel and Shaila Gopal- The Challenges of Being an Athlete

Megha Patel (18) talks with her close friend Shaila Gopal (18) about her struggles and triumphs through her athletic career. While having to balancing academics, mental health, and social life, Shaila reveals her motivation to grow from her severe physical...