Gene and Joan Dalebroux

On their 65th wedding anniversary, Gene (87) and Joan Dalebroux (85) talk about the joy, adventures, and dangers of farm life in tiny Thiry Daems, Wisconsin. Listen as their daughter Jill talks with them about Belgian traditions, raising a family...

Greg talks about parenting

My father, Greg Barnhart, talks about marriage and parenting. When asked questions like “What impact has being a parent made on you”, his answers include faith, marriage, and unconditional love.

THE BOSS 2.0 (Keiah Williams)

Interviewer( Sa’Nia Nunley) 18, we Keiah Williams is my manager at A&M Healthcare Clinic Interviewee(Keiah Williams) 29. In this internet we discussed Ms. Keiah’s journey and how the path she is on has benefited her and effected her life. She...

Nannay and Tatays life

Joey and Joanne are my two loving parents in their early 50s. They talked about their childhood growing up, the importance of faith in their lives, and my relationship with them. we also talked about my aspirations and my plans...

Empower One Another – Kathleen O’Neal

In this StoryCorps interview, Kathleen O’Neal talks about various topics in current day era. From the ideology of friendship, to having faith in humanity. This interview will open your eyes to a new perspective on the world.

Jenesi and Harrison's Interview

I interviewed my best friend Harrison, 19 years old, he is a Native American from the Cherokee tribe. I asked him questions about kind people he’s met, if he has any regrets, and he expresses his desire to follow and...

Interview with Abueli

This interview was between me, Ashley Pazos and Jose Lenza, my great grandfather who is 86 while I’m 18. We talked about his life in cuba, and a brief mention of life in America.