August 17, 2023 App Interview

Fernando talked about how he works and is thankful for god and all his blessings

Kath Van Winkle and Barron Evans

One Small Step partners Kath Van Winkle (66) and Barron Evans (68) have a conversation about their mutual desire for clarity in political conversations, politics in their communities and families, and the role of faith in their viewpoints.

Bwalya interviews her dad

Bwalya Ivory (15) interviews her dad Patrick Ivory (68) topics discussed: Vietnam war, past families, god

My Mimi and I

My interview was about my grandmothers past and how her life was growing up and the few struggles and bumps she had along the way and how she bounced back from them

Norma Castellanos Interview

My name is Priscilla Colon and I interviewed my grandma, Norma Castellanos. She is 79 years old and was born in La Habana, Cuba. I asked her questions about her life in Cuba, her life in the United States, and...

Including Jesus in the leadership triangle

Adam Sauer, lead pastor of The Mount Church- focused on meeting people where they are and always looking “for one more,” discusses his take on leadership as it pertains to the leader, followers, environments, and the greatest leader of all...

Adrian Tirtanadi and Sara Farooqi

Adrian Tirtanadi (38) and friend Sara Farooqi (37) discuss their journeys of disconnection and reconnection to Christianity and Islam respectively.