Until You Met Me

Yada Taepanicharoen(16) and her mother, Rachel Taepanicharoen(51), talk about her life's significant moments. She shares some of her hopes growing up and a snippet into rough times in her young adult life. Her answers reflect the love she has for...

Joy of working at Publicolor

Natasha Seng, program director for COLOR Club and Design Education at Publicolor on gratitude and happiness.


I interviewed my mom about some of her favorite experiences and wishes in life :)

While interviewing my two amazing sisters I learned many things that I never knew about them.

I got to learn much more about my sisters and I found out things that I have never know. I really enjoyed there in-depth responses. I can't wait to listen to this in a few years. They were very fun...

Heather got the family she wanted.

I Kyle kennedy(16) Interveiwed my mother Heather kennedy(40) about who has encouraged her and if she and her younger self would be or are satisfied with her life now. She stated that the ones to encourage her the most and...

Cecil’s Wisdom

Katy Kuykendall interviews her biological grandfather, Cecil who is now her Father after he and his wife adopted Katy and her twin brother at the age of 3. In the interview they talk about Cecil’s memories and views on how...

Allison Taylor’s experience at Ole Miss

Allison talks about her time here at Ole Miss and what has been the most challenging and the most fun.