Interview with Terence Hughes

Interviewing my dad and asking him questions about his work and his life.

Thanksgiving interview

I interview my mother about life growing up.

Jewel Daney Interview

Jewel Daney and El Johnsen spoke about Jewel’s childhood in Pennsylvania, her transition to New Jersey, and people who influenced her life.

8 year old Vision
November 29, 2020 App Interview

Here’s an interview with my younger sister and I.

Your Children are Part of You

You want the best for your child and when they have a problem you have a problem, when they achieve you achieve.

The girl who saved my life.

When Olivia was 3 , I almost died after being trapped on a snowy mountain for several days. When I was about to give up after 6 nights, she appeared before me and said, “Daddy, don’t give up. Go up...

Steven Chavez 2nd and his father Steve Chavez talk about childhood

This interview was conducted on November 27, 2020 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Steven Chavez 2nd interviews his father Steve Chavez about his childhood and talks about growing up on a small farm just outside of Santa Rosa, New Mexico. They...

Person of Inspiration

Helena Wimboeck interviews the very inspiring person Carolina Ugaz-Moran, the author of the wonderful book Aline and the Blue Bottle. The book is about Aline, who finally finds the magic in herself. The search for happiness is a journey to...