A mother’s story

This interview is about a mother’s childhood and how the events and people around her shaped her views and affected the way she acts and treats people today.

P. Life story

Peter II talks about his life growing up in San Antonio

Kay Allen

Listen to Kay Allen’s life as a young woman growing up in Massachusetts to proud mom if 4.

Health portion questions

me and my best friend Olivia talking about what contributes to health, problems in mental health, what we consider to be healthy, etc. This interview revolves around health in the mind and body.

Adele interview

Listen to 93 year old Adele discuss her life

Yessica Mayorga

Muchas diferentes preguntas, no tiene una tema. Ella es me padrastro colega de trabajo esposa.

Fred Fraley life story

Listen to my grandfather, Fred, talk about his life as young stutter to successful lawyer and father


Today I asked Caleb random questions so get perspective from a 6 year old.

Interview with my sister

I wanted to ask my little sister how she feels about her life. She is always quiet and keeps everything to her self. There is things that bother her and doesn’t tell anyone. I feel like she wants to tell...