End of interview

Mr Madsen (32) Jesus Palma (18) teacher and student discuss what it’s like in life and how it was in class.

Interview With Shae

An interview between Paxton Hall and Shaelyn Beckett

Immigration- Gino Thomas interview

The topic of Immigrating from India to America

Johansen Storycorps US interview

Interview of my mom talking about her past. And how some people have affected her life.

Interview of person who inspires me

my mother, 46 years old and we talked about her life and what has happened and what is going to happen going forward.

My Mom
November 30, 2022 App Interview

Weird thoughtful questions to my mom who’s been the biggest inspiration in my life. Raw truths, and some juicy thoughts.

Emry Lopez and Misty Dahlin talk about life and the joys in it

Emry Lopez (16) and his mom, Misty Dahlin (42) talk about happy and sad moments in life. They also discuss important and lessons and memories from past generations. The events take place in Tucson, Arizona as well as some other...

Friend Krish Interview
November 28, 2022 App Interview

I, Kapilan, interviewed Krish about his life and his past as his friend for many years. It was very interesting and I learned a lot about his past.

Interview with my mom

we talked about what her goals for her kids where. If she is proud of how her kids turned out.

Short Interview

This is an interview by Nora Bevilacqua (15) and Aletheia Lovett (15) about the happiest memories in life.