Dad Interview: Service Learning Project

My dad, Jose Avalos (59) discusses his life upbringings, his childhood, his love life, his work ethnic, and his advice.


Interview between Taylor Jackson and Teri Upton, discussing life after high school, hobbies and more

First semester of college

Derek (17) interviews his father, Dr Griffin (49) about his first semester in college.

An interview with my mom

I’m interviewing my mom about her experiences during her MD-PhD journey in China, her work as a doctor in China and the decision to move to the US.


This is an interview that I, Preston Mace, Age 18, held with my father, Dr. James Mace Age 52. He is a very successful Dentist in Washington, Missouri who has won several awards as well as being in big dental...

Heather Barrera and her father Magno Barrera have a conversation about his past experiences as a Peruvian immigrant

In November 2023 in Birmingham, Alabama, Heather Barrera (18) interviews her father Magno Barrera (62) about his childhood and struggles throughout his life. He describes working from an early age in order to accomplish his goals. Towards the end, he...

Interview for AP World History

Layla Abdo (15yrs old granddaughter) and Ibrahim Jalal (grandfather). Interview about Ibrahim Jalal’s life and the lessons he has learned.

My dad’s perspective of life

Yusra Hussain who is 16 made an interview video with 48 year old father, Arif Hussain. Yusra asks various questions about his experience moving country to country from Pakistan, Canada, and finally the United States. He also gives his opinion...

Recording – 11-27-2023 20:44:18

Jesus Salinas, my dad, is 45 and he answered my questions about growing up and his perspectives and values on life.