Heather Barrera and her father Magno Barrera have a conversation about his past experiences as a Peruvian immigrant

In November 2023 in Birmingham, Alabama, Heather Barrera (18) interviews her father Magno Barrera (62) about his childhood and struggles throughout his life. He describes working from an early age in order to accomplish his goals. Towards the end, he...

Interview for AP World History

Layla Abdo (15yrs old granddaughter) and Ibrahim Jalal (grandfather). Interview about Ibrahim Jalal’s life and the lessons he has learned.

My dad’s perspective of life

Yusra Hussain who is 16 made an interview video with 48 year old father, Arif Hussain. Yusra asks various questions about his experience moving country to country from Pakistan, Canada, and finally the United States. He also gives his opinion...

Recording – 11-27-2023 20:44:18

Jesus Salinas, my dad, is 45 and he answered my questions about growing up and his perspectives and values on life.

Sydney Allen and Terry Allen, her grandfather, discuss history and personal advice in Birmingham, Alabama.

In this interview, made in November 2023 in Birmingham, Alabama, Sydney Allen (17) interviews her grandfather, Terry Allen (73), about his experiences teaching history and personal life tips/lessons. Terry Allen shares why he loved to teach and his favorite events...

Recording – 08-24-2023 19:10:29

In this interview I talk to my mom, who was a nurse, and talk about her experience working as a nurse. In the interview you can get to know what it was like to be a nurse and here all...

David Walker and Judy Sarkozy

Judy Sarkozy [no age given] interviews friend and coworker David Walker [no age given] about his experience serving 33 years in prison, his work with her at Sarkozy Bakery, and his outlook on life.

My Father’s Story

Giselle Mustafa (17) interviews her father, Khalid Mustafa (59) to know more about his life as a Palestinian living in Chicago in the 1960s-1970s, his life moving to a whole new country, and his life now.

Amal Abouassaf and Tammam Abouassaf

Tammam "Tom" Abouassaf (53) talks with his daughter Amal Abouassaf (21) about immigrating to the United States, his experience of culture shock, and what he is most proud of in his life.