Frank Norsky’s Interview

The person being interviewed is Frank Norsky and is 87 years old. He was being interviewed by Peter Norsky, his grandson, that is 19 years old.

Sam Smith and Travis Adolph

One Small Step partners Sam Smith (50) and Travis Adolph (51) share stories from their upbringings, what they learned from their fathers, and their views on politics.

Kevin [No Name Given] and Adilene [No Name Given]

One Small Step partners Kevin [No Name Given] (59) and Adilene “Addy” [No Name Given] (31) talk about the experiences and identities that shaped their relationships, world-views, and career paths.

Step Father Interview

A short interview conducted with a hard working man who has raised me since I was 5 and has become a father to me

My Fathers attempt of expression

My father known as Jose Angel Del Rio was asked questions about basically life and how he wanted to be remembered and what he’s proud of

Interview with my Girlfriend

We talked about different topics on life. I asked her personal questions about her school life and work life and even her family.

Ursula Furi-Perry and Alex Wu

Andover Stories of American Identity: Ursula retells a poignant story of her life of “grit and grace”. She emigrated to America from Budapest, Hungary as a gifted teenager. With classic American opportunities, Ursula became an accomplished published author, lawyer, professor,...

Interview with Papa Danny

Talking with my grandpa about life and experiences and stories.