Jerry Thurston and Duvi Matsumura

One Small Step partners Jerry Thurston (60) and Duvi Matsumara (52) have a conversation about teaching at neighboring community colleges, having a balance between work and good relationships in life, and supporting the idea of taking chances to their younger...

Interviewing my mom
September 21, 2023 App Interview

I(14) interview my mom(42) about multiple different topics. Topics such as her happiest moment, the day I was born, and more.

Bernadine Manning and Liam Manning

Liam Manning (27) and his mom Bernadine “Bernie” Manning (58) come together to talk about parenting, particularly what it was like for Bernie to raise a queer child and Liam’s journey of self-discovery. They also reflect on their relationship and...

Getting personal with Ms. A

I wanted to find out about my teacher's personal life. How does a teacher find balance between family and career? Getting personal about the future. Ms. A, you inspire me!

Interview with my mama

talked about my mom growing up, becoming a parent, and learning how to be a mom!

Interview by: Alana Moore

My Grandma talk about how religion is important and to trust people and be kind to one other.

The Story of Jean Eback

I talked with my mother about her life and asked her things I hadn't really thought of before.

Interview with Robert Krejca

This interview is about my dad's life as he explain his relationships to people, his outlook on life, and views in society.