Kimberly Olvera and Dianne Chavez

Two caregivers share their perspectives on their work in home healthcare and the insurance process Serendipity brought Kimberly to Providence. For Dianne, her grandmothers' health journey led her to want to work in healthcare so she could make a difference...

Tracy Lee & Diamond Lee

Tracy Lee sat down with her daughter Diamond on her 50th birthday to share a story of her journey as a child growing up in poverty, forging a path in healthcare and passion for making a difference through inspiration.

Carolyn Osborn and Donna Schloss

Carolyn Osborn (74) interviews her friend Donna Schloss (78) about Donna's career as a nurse, her travels throughout the world, and her work with the U.S. State Department.

A Reflection of an Interview with Dai Gu Po

I discuss and reflect on my conversation with my great aunt Dai Gu Po. A 79 year old Indonesian immigrant to the United States, we discuss various topics about the immigrant experience, health care, and her time in the United...

Xuanning Fu and Shantay Davies-Balch

One Small Step conversation partners Xuanning Fu (69) and Shantay Davies-Balch (42) talk about the importance of social capital in social mobility, interracial relationships, and the role of the DRIVE initiative in increasing equity in Fresno.

Sitting Down With a Healthcare Hero

I interviewed my sister, Aliah Sareini (24). She works as a RN in the Nuero ICU at our local hospital. We discussed multiple topics from personal to work life.

How life transpires

An interview about life and medical practices

Thomas Orlando and John Sadzewicz

Thomas "Tommy" Orlando (33) and One Small Step partner John Sadzewicz (65) share their different viewpoints on abortion, health care, and socialism.

Becoming a Medical Assistant

I interview my cousin, Lorena Estrada, who is a 29 year old medical assistant and I disused on her journey on how she got into her career.