Rayna Oliver and Victoria Johnson

Rayna (25) and Victoria (27) talk about Rayna's path to Providence, and what brought her to her internship on the Health Equity team. They discuss the importance of Health Equity, and their hopes for the future of healthcare and the...

Brooke Salerno and Nicole Bolton

Brooke Salerno: 2021-10-08 00:33:18 Brooke and Nicole discuss reproductive rights, healthcare, gun violence, and the major life events that informed their beliefs.

Elizabeth Woodside and Heather Wilson

Elizabeth Woodside (64) shares a conversation with her coworker Heather Wilson (45) about mental health, motherhood, and the relationship they share.

Marla Barthen and Madeline Carpenter

Marla Barthen (50) shares a conversation with her mentee, Madeline Carpenter (20), about the women’s rights movement and what people of different generations can contribute to that movement.

Pandemic life as a Healthcare Worker

Being a healthcare worker is tough, but you can overcome what you love to do.

Kris Robertson and Idris Lord

One Small Step participants Kris Robertson (57) and Idris Lord (40) talk about not fitting into either political party, how faith guides their political values, and their differing views on the roll of federal government.