Barbara Hester Kurtz and Susan Scott Peterson, November 28, 2020

Barbara Hester Kurtz (87) talks with her granddaughter Susan Scott Peterson (39) about living in Japan during the U.S. occupation after World War II. She discusses learning to drive there, boarding a military transport ship by herself to go back...

Neferteri Strickland and Paul Richards

Paul Richards (74) sits down with his daughter Neferteri Strickland (44) to discuss his 30 years in the military. The two speak about Paul's childhood in Panama, his early career achievements, and his hopes for the future.

Florence 6/15/23

Kiwimbi International summer interns Claire (21) and Katherine (20) interview Florence (25), a former student and current assistant instructor at Kiwimbi’s tailoring vocational program. She shares her life story, educational struggles, and work at Kiwimbi. Recorded on 6/15/23.

Jeri Anderson and Kraig Anderson

Kraig Anderson (57) interviews his mother, Jeri Anderson (89), about her family, her adventures, and the legacy she wishes to leave behind.

Ryan Gorringe, Nadine Gorringe, and Amelia Gorringe

Ryan Gorringe (43) and his daughter Amelia Gorringe (17) interview his mom, Nadine Gorringe (81), about her life's journey, including favorite childhood, career, and family memories.

Betty O'Connor and Milly Murphy

Betty O'Connor (64) interviews her mother, Milly Murphy (93), about her childhood, marriage to her husband, and her earliest memories from the 1930s in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

Halle Davenport Interviews her aunt Amy Mercer about her Great Quilting Hobby!

In the interview, conducted in February 2022 in Alexandria, Louisiana, Halle Davenport(16) Interviews her aunt Amy Mercer(41) about her Quilting Hobby. Amy Mercer shared her stories about how she first got started quilting. She mentions she makes her own patterns...

Pauline Thompson and Tamar Brown

Tamar Brown (31) interviews her mother Pauline Thompson (66) about Pauline's life, including her experiences as an illegal immigrant in Canada, her life when she returned to Jamaica, and how she started her own sewing business that she and Tamar...