Camilo Alverez & Dan Hudson

Camilio shared the story of his family's escape from Cuba when he was just a toddler. His father, who had initially worked for the Castro regime, witnessed its horrors and eventually became a spy for the U.S. He defected to...

Lachandra B. Baker, Board of Directors at The Women's Fund of Central Ohio – What wealth means to me

Lachandra Baker (51) shares her experiences and insights about wealth, resilience, and thriving as a woman in Central Ohio. She discusses overcoming financial barriers, the importance of mentorship, and the unique challenges and advantages of living in Central Ohio, emphasizing...

Emma and Noah Davis interview with Grandma Gloria

Twins Emma and Noah (16) interview their Grandma about her journey of moving from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, along with her background in art, travel, and their family's history

Interviewing Barbara and Steven Carr

Hermione Lu (16) interviews family friends Barbara Carr (72) and Steven Carr (75) about growing up in San Diego and their life when Steven was drafted and joined the Coast Guard.

June Cena & Jerry Heraz

June, a Values in Action award nominee, and his manager Jerry discussed the values and work ethic that led to his five nominations. June attributes his strong work ethic to his parents and expresses gratitude for his supportive management and...

Motherly Love – Cody Johnson and Angela Muller

Cody Johnson (17) who is a senior at BWHS, talks to his mother Angela Muller (41), they talk about childhood, family, and how far Cody had come dealing with being on the spectrum.

Nick and Cameron 5/5/2024

Cameron Herrera discusses his Colombian heritage, his family's story, and growing up in a mixed race household.